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System Features

  • User-level security offers access control to various parts of the system.

  • Spatial awareness feature maps addresses associated with any case or event.

  • Built-in case report can be exported in PDF.

  • Copy entities between cases.

  • Relate Cases, Groups or Events to each other.

  • Case Explorer is a Web-based law enforcement software program. Its functionality is focused towards information sharing among different agencies in the law enforcement and intelligence community. Agents and officers can use the case management aspect as a tactical tool for case and subject deconfliction. Case Explorer also offers a critical officer safety component where police, watch centers, or other law enforcement agencies can enter vital information about their operation and complete event deconfliction. Law enforcement officers will receive immediate feedback about any potential conflicts with other planned event operations in their geographic proximity.
    Case Management

    Case Management

    Manages case information about people, places, things, vehicles, weapons and drugs. Each case has an unlimited number of file attachments such as documents, pictures, audio and video files.

    The Web interface eases the management of case data. There is also an optional interface into HIDTA Performance Management Process (PMP).

    Case Deconfliction

    Case Deconfliction

    Matches data between organizations allowing interagency deconfliction while maintaining control of local data. Case Explorer also interfaces with the National Virtual Pointer System (NVPS).

    Event Deconfliction

    Event Deconfliction

    This officer safety component plots events geospatially notifying the user of any conflicts within your defined radius.

    Data Types

    Case Data

    Track official agency
    investigation data.

    Criminal Intelligence

    Easily collect, analyze and
    disseminate intelligence data within
    and among organizations.
         28 CFR Part 23-compliant.

    Unconfirmed Data

    Confidentially stores
    but does not share
    unconfirmed data.

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